Live Marine Copepods
Moina Daphnia Giving Birth
Marine ROTIFERS L Type
Live Baby Artemia
Aquaculture Nursery Farms Products
We develop marine larvae cultures, and innovative ways to keep, breed, and raise saltwater fish and invertebrates, Coral propagation, Coral husbandry, and growth .
We also develop and produce new Whole Organism Feeds for all aquatic animals such as: Invertebrates, Reef Ornamental Fish, Corals, Food Fish Fry & Larvae. These include species such as seahorses, fire & cleaner shrimps, cephalopods, cuttlefish, squid, pipe fish, crabs, anemones, SPS corals, LPS Corals, Zoanthid polyps and all saltwater tank ornamentals.
We think of our planet like an aquarium in the macro scale. We view our planet as a large closed recirculating aquarium habitat.
Part of our mission here at ANF is to achieve sustainable farm- cultured Ocean life, to help curtail the depletion of our worlds ocean animals and coral reefs.

Alaskan Copepods Whole Organism
                " CORAL FOOD"
Saltwater Daphnia. Moina Salina. 
Water Flea. Great for feeding Corals and fish larvae.
Live Rotifers L  Saltwater. Feed Corals & Fish Larvae.
Live Newly hatched artemia nauplii.
Delivered To your door. High Density as shown in pic.

WHOLE LIFE CYCLE AQUARIUM SYSTEM. We believe that our developments in large scale, re-circulating, zero waste systems in our nursery application can and will, eventually be applied to small scale home aquariums and hobbyist fish keeping. We aim not only to develop innovations in reef keeping, and marine ornamental and food consumption for aquatic animal breeding, but to bridge the gap between commercial scale aquaculture and home-based hobbyist display tanks.