Live Marine Copepods
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We keep continuous live zooplankton cultures here at ANF, providing us with the means to experiment and raise Marine Fish, Invertebrates, Corals, Shrimp, Seahorses, and many other wondrous ocean reef life. These microscopic crustaceans: Copepods, Amphipods, Mysis (mysid) shrimp, etc... are instrumental in supporting life in the worlds’ oceans and reefs. They can be considered the second step in the food chain after phytoplankton (single cell algae). After the suns’ energy is converted through Photosynthesis by Phytoplankton, the Phytoplankton is then consumed by Zooplanktons. Zooplanktons, in turn, are consumed by the larger animal larvae and so on. It can be said that these steps in the food chain are essential for our human existence.
Mysid Shrimp Feeding on rotifers. Also called possum shrimp. You can see how the females are carrying their young in a pouch attached to their belly. When the babies are completely formed she will reliese them to fend for themselves one night.
Newly hatched clarkii clownfish larvae. Feeding on rotifers. They are one day old. Less than 2 millimeters in length. Not yet changed or (metamorphosed) into fish fry.
10 day old clownfish fry just changed from larvae to fish. They are practicing swimming, and learning how to hunt and feed themselves.
Month old fry exibiting bait ball defensive behaviour. For protection from danger that could be lurking around the next wave.

Clarkii Clownfish laying their nest.
Clarkii Babies at 6 weeks old.First generation from wild caught parents.
Two week old First generation from wild caught Black Saddleback Clownfish
Amazon Discus Laying nest on mangrove stock.
Mangroves and Discus Farm raised at ANF.
Notice the discus have many plant species to choose from including amazon sword plants yet they choose the sturdy mangrove as a nest site.
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Tired of having to wait two days for your sand to clear when setting up a new tank? Do you want to add some  extra sand to an established tank without all the mess and clowdy water? This is the highest quality sand available for todays modern aquarium. Excellent for reef tanks and sand sifting animals and fish. This sand is a mix of 80% fine granuals (200 - 800 microns) and 20% larger. Using this sand enables you to duplicate the natural reef environment. 
This sand requires no rinsing.
Use straight out of the box delivered to your doar.
Settles within minutes before your eyes.
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Custom blend of 4 species of phyto. Commercial strength concentrate. Video shows 10mls.  5 pipettes 2ml each being added to a quart (1 Lt) water. This quart can feed 300 gal of moderatly stocked aquarium.
Saddleback Pair tending to their eggs. Large one is the female. Small one is the mail. To purchase babies from this same nest, click on button to the right.
Baby Saddleback frys. One month old. 
Saddleback Clowns laying their eggs. Forming the nest all day. The eggs are orange. So they blend in to the background color of  the clay pot, thye are almost invisible to any predators that might be lurking.