Live Marine Copepods
Pompano Fry Developement
Clownfish Aquaculture
Live Mysid (Mysis)
Hatching and raising Pompano & Permit

Mix of: Five types of copepods
         6 types of phytoplankton
         Marine Rotifers L type
Just one of the species of fin fish farm raise at ANF.
Cultured Marine Mysid Shrimp.
Americamysis bahia.
If you buy live copepods you will have the benefits of sustaining your fish and corals in the healthiest growth phase. 
Watch your captive kept organism flourish and go through their entire life cycle through the breeding stages in your home reef aquarium.

Our live copepod production allows us to develop many different types of saltwater animals.
We experience increased survival rates through metamorphosis. 

We also grow and develop plants such as macro algae (seaweed) Chaetomorpha, Sea Grass, Mangrove tree seedlings, and micro algae. In reference to a closed aquarium system these photosynthesizing plants and algae are considered nutrient exporters. Nutrient exporter means they remove harmful, toxic elements such as phosphate and nitrates, and convert them back to edible food for our aquarium animals, thus beginning the cycle again, with less and less intervention by us in the balanced aquarium.
We view our planet as a closed cycle system. We view the planet as a large closed aquarium system or aquaculture system. So us humans understand that we are consuming finite resources. So it is becoming increasingly important to find efficient ways of producing what we consume. Our planet is ¾ saltwater environment. The largest animals that we know so far, to ever have lived on our planet are still alive; larger than the largest dinosaur fossils found to date. They are the great whales.
We are also involved in developing live aquacultured Zooplanktons, Phytoplankton, and aquacultured WHOLE ORGANISM diets for fish breeders, coral farms, and laboratorial/educational organizations.
Here you can view pictures and videos of some of the zooplankton: copepods, shrimp and live marine fin fish we work with. 
We deliver live planktons like Parvocalanus, Acartia Tonsa, Pseudodiaptomus, Tisbe Biminienses, Saltwater Moina Daphnia (Water Fleas), live Newly Hatched Artemia (Baby Brine Shrimp), plus live Marine Mysid (Mysis) Shrimp and many others. We produce live Phytoplankton( Marine Micro Algae) like Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, Isochrysis Galbana, etc.

Means the entire food chain integrated into an aquarium system.
1.The sun light is consumed by unicellular micro algae (Phytoplankton).
2. Micro algae is consumed by Rotifers, Copepods, Krill etc (Zooplankton).
3. These in turn are consumed by larger animals like fish larvae.
4. Each animal is consumed by the next animal in the food chain.
5. Until man comes in and consumes at the top of the food chain.